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Two Day Trek

Day One

Day one includes the first half of the one day journey but continues on from Beach loop for a level traverse above the ocean for about 3km's with a couple of dismounts needed to skirt around the disastrous washouts of 2012.

But don't worry the railbikes are very easy to wheel around the specially built pathways and the detours only take a couple of minutes.

Then the line turns inland through the 1 km tunnel 24 emerging at the 100 metre wide tunnel 22 washout. You will see why this event meant the end of the line for trains!

Here riders dismount, clip their railbike to the flying fox before walking around the detour pathway which takes about 3 minutes. Once on the other side riders then wind their bike across, unclip and continue back on the rails.

From here on the ride is heavenly. A slow effortless decent of 11 km's through the most idyllic bush clad valleys dotted with short tunnels and river crossings. There are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic, rest or even take a swim.

You are completely at one with New Zealand's East coast for this part of the journey and towards the journeys end you experience crossing the beautiful Kopuawhara viaduct. Don't worry it has guard rails!

A short ride along the Mahunga flats bring you in to the Mahia terminal where a shuttle waits with your luggage to take you off to your accommodation.

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

The beautiful Kopuawhara Viaduct!

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

The view to the Mahia Peninsula

Mahia Peninsula

The Tuhara flats leading into Wairoa

Example Frame

Day Two

Refreshed from your stay in the quite sea side settlement of Mahia a shuttle will deliver you back to the Mahia terminal to begin the second day of your adventure, a shorter ride of 43 km's.

The ride begins with a couple of kilometres right beside to sea which serves as a great wake up because you'll need it for what comes next. A steep climb for about 1.5 kilometres (1:35 gradient) lifts you back up to 60 metres above the coast. Have a short relax at the top because it's a fantastic view across the water to Mahia peninsula where you have just stayed.

From here the line gently drops back down to sea level through Nuhaka, along the flats beside the Whakaki lagoon where many riders will wish to stop for a break under the shade of the poplar trees straddling the line.

The line continues on across the Tuhara flats into Wairoa, your journeys end. This part of this ride allows you to get a big picture of East Coast hill country in 360 degree panorama.

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