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Four Day Trek

... continues on from the Two Day trek ...

Day Three

The big day. Heading out west along the banks of the Wairoa river before diving south where the line meanders through rolling farmland and climbs slowly up to an altitude of 60 metres.

A short tunnel at the top of the incline marks the turnround for a welcome glide back down to Waihua Beach. You have now ridden 18 km's taking around 2 hours and will be ready for a break.

Waihua beach is a rewarding 500 m walk from the line and offers a good spot for morning tea and a dip in the Te kiwi stream if you want to cool down.

From here an easy climb to 100mtrs over 14km brings you to trackside stalls at Raupunga, offering lunches and refreshments before you embark on the mighty Mohaka viaduct crossing.

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

Fantastic East Coast scenery.

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

Waihua Beach

Mahia Peninsula

The mighty Mohaka Viaduct crossing!

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The Mohaka is the highest rail viaduct in the southern hemisphere and is truly a remarkable feat of 1930's railway engineering.

Now it's the final 20km ride to Putorino. A steady climb from an altitude of 100 mtrs at Mohaka to the highest point of 230 mtrs 13km's later leaves you very welcome for the last 7 km glide into lights out. Stretcher bearers are available to carry you to the Putorino pub for treatment.

Day Four

The final push. After fuelling up on a hearty breakfast we set you off on the final leg through to Esk Valley.

This 46 km journey consists of a rollercoaster ride through the rolling high country in behind Tutira.

On arriving at Tutira itself, you find your making good time you may wish to stop and take a walk (about 20 minutes each way) through to the picture perfect lake- it makes for an idyllic photo shot.

Winding on up to 260 metres above sea level, at which point you have covered about 28 km's, you reach the summit.

From here it's a very pleasant slow descent for the final hour, winding through shaded pines with the odd bridge and tunnel before the line spills out into the vineyards of the beautiful Esk Valley.

You have arrived in Hawkes Bay and you have just completed a 200 km journey that we are sure will leave you in awe our stunning east coast scenery, fine hospitality and amazing rail experience.

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

The lake at Tutira

The Kopuawhara Viaduct

The Summit

Mahia Peninsula

Hawkes Bay vineyards

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